01.08.2017 - UNESCO Office in Doha

Training for Yemeni experts on Heritage Management Platform held in Amman


The UNESCO Regional Office in Doha, in coordination with the Oxford University School of Archaeology (EAMENA project), is organizing a Training for Yemeni experts from the General Organization for Antiquities and Museums (GOAM), in Amman, Jordan, from 31 July to 4 August 2017.

The five-day training aims at building technical capacities of the GOAM IT experts and archaeologists on how to use and maintain the Yemen Heritage Management Platform (YHMP) that  enables the basic recording of cultural heritage sites, including geographic location, physical form and overall interpretation. It will also allow the creation of date-stamped condition assessments and threat assessments.

Several experts meetings on Yemen convened by UNESCO Doha identified the need to establish an inventory of cultural heritage sites to use as a baseline data for post-conflict assessments. The training is the first phase of the initiative to establish the Heritage Management Platform for Yemen’s cultural heritage that was previously agreed between UNESCO Doha Office, GOAM and Oxford University.

The results of this first phase of training will feed into further development of YHMP. The trainees will also return to Yemen with the laptops provided by UNESCO Doha and used in training to continue testing the database online and/or offline, and provide further suggestions for improvements.

The objectives of the first phase of training are:

1. To provide an introduction to EAMENA/YHMP database and the rationale behind the form of the database and how it can be used and searched by an end-user.

2. To provide the trainees with the skillsets to create and populate site record data on YHMP.

3. To allow the trainees to compile detailed feedback questionnaires (produced by EAMENA) on the YHMP user experience in order to identify necessary areas of YHMP improvement.

4. To establish a workflow for continued engagement aimed at the collection of further feedback from the trainees once they have returned to Yemen. 

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