09.02.2017 - UNESCO Office in Doha

UNESCO Doha participates in seminar on "Research Solutions For The Future Of Education In Qatar"

QNRF, the funding arm of Qatar Foundation Research and Development, has been supporting research projects into education as part of its activities in the field of the social sciences, arts and humanities.

QNRF organized a seminar on 8 February in Doha, Qatar entitled "Research Solutions For The Future Of Education In Qatar" which was aimed at showcasing the outcomes of a number of projects and their role as integral parts in the development of solutions designed to bridge the gap between researchers and educational policy makers.

Panelists were Dr. Aziza Al Saadi, Director, Ministry of Education, Dr. Rupert Maclean, UNESCO Chair at CNA-Q, and Dr. Faryal Khan, UNESCO Education Specialist. The panel was moderated by Dr. Abdullah Al Tinah, Qatar University. Dr. Abellahi Hussein, Program Manager Education at QNRF is leading the policy seminars on Education.

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