22.12.2016 - UNESCO Office in Doha

UNESCO organizes meeting on GIS, museums, awareness raising initiatives on Safeguarding Cultural Heritage in Yemen in Venice

As part of its efforts to safeguard cultural heritage in Yemen, UNESCO Doha Office organized an experts meeting to coordinate efforts and exchange information on initiatives related to GIS, museums and awareness raising at UNESCO Venice Office from 19-20 December 2016.

The two-day technical meeting brought together 16 participants, mainly archaeologists and experts from different archaeological missions in Yemen, including the British Museum and Oxford University.

The technical meeting had two main objectives:

  • Follow up on decisions made during the meeting in Sharjah from 12-13 October 2016, between the General Organization for Antiquities and Museums of Yemen, Oxford University and UNESCO Doha Office to develop a heritage management platform for Yemen in order to better document and monitor damages to archaeological sites and heritage buildings in the country. Participants discussed availability of GIS data for Yemen and other materials collected during the archaeological excavations and their integration into the Endangered Archeology in the Middle East and North Africa (EAMENA) platform for Yemen.
  • Discuss activities related to museums in Yemen in support to GOAM, to propose and discuss joint awareness raising activities; to explore ways for better coordination among international organizations for the common goal of preserving Yemen’s cultural heritage; and finally to discuss and adopt the provisional road map for archaeology, museums and awareness raising which will be presented

Final recommendations of the meeting included:

  • Participants agreed to support the launching of the heritage management platform for Yemen since it was previously approved by GOAM’s Director, Mr Al Sayani.
  • A joint exhibition about archaeological work in Yemen to be prepared for the next experts meeting. UNESCO will design a framework for the exhibition.
  • Participants will support GOAM through equipment and conservation materials in order to help each of 22 museums. It was also agreed to there is a need for closer collaboration and information sharing in order to meet all requests and to better respond to challenges.
  • Participants will share links to all initiatives carried out by their respectful institutions and to all publications that are available online. These materials will be included in the Observatory. Moreover, participants will send inventories of museums that they worked in (DAI for Marib museum, Professor Yule for the museum in Zafar) and UNESCO will share the rapid assessment forms for archaeological sites, heritage buildings and museum collections.

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