Sector-wide Policies and Planning

UNESCO provides policy advice and focuses on the capacity development in the collection, analysis and utilization of data for informed planning, strategic decision-making, and better monitoring of education outcomes. UNESCO Doha is available to play a catalyzing and coordinating role to this end.

UNESCO Doha continues to contribute towards strengthened capacity in:

  • Analysis and utilization of educational and statistical data to inform educational policies and planning.
  • Education sector diagnosis.
  • Projection and simulation tools for policy dialogues and educational strategies.
  • Diagnostic/analysis to inform the sector-wide design and implementation of education quality improvement interventions.


Moreover in response to the pressing need for systematic collection of policy relevant information at country level on how much is spent on education and how, UNESCO provides technical advice to examine the current system of compiling, analyzing, and utilizing national education financial data at country level through reviewing what exists, exploring the gaps, and making recommendations to enhance our understanding of education finance systems and flows at country level. Such analysis informs ministries of education whether the resources are being used for activities that are known to improve educational quality and learning outcomes.  

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