Kuo Yu-Shou (China)

Mandate: March 1946 – March 1948

Born in October 1900, Mr Kuo graduated from the National University of Peking in 1920. He studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science (1921-1923) and the University of Zurich (1924) and was conferred as in 1927 at the University of Paris (Sorbonne).

Before his career at UNESCO, Mr Kuo worked for the Ministry of Education of the Chinese Central Government in Nanking, as Chief of the section for higher education (1929-1932), Chairman of the joint commission on film censorship (1932) and then as General Secretary (1938-1939). During World War II, Mr Kuo worked as a lecturer at university level in China.

In 1946, Mr Kuo became adviser to the Chinese delegation to the United Nations. He then started his career at UNESCO in March 1946, when he was appointed Senior Counsellor in charge of planning the UNESCO education programme (former term for Assistant Director-General for Education). In April 1948, he was appointed Adviser on Far Eastern affairs to the Office of the Director-General. From January to June 1950, he worked as Liaison Officer in charge of external relations at the Far East and Asia Area desk.


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