Human Resources (ED/EO/HR)

The major activities of this unit are:

  • ensuring full compliance with HR policies and processes of UNESCO related to the control of post establishment, staffing and recruitment, human resources planning, staff and contract administration, staff development and performance management.
  • working to develop, plan, implement and monitor new Sector or corporate Human Resources initiatives aimed at improved effectiveness and efficiency in the work environment;
  • monitoring of recruitment and hiring practices at Headquarters, Regional and Field Offices, as well as key positions in Institutes and Centres, including advice on  selection criteria and logistical support in the organization of evaluation panels;
  • providing advice and guidance to education line managers at Headquarters and in Field Offices on the application of related HR policies, staff rules, regulations and procedures.
  • providing advice to individual staff members
  • screening, reviewing and processing of all Education Sector Personnel Action Requests (creation and abolition of posts, recruitment, appointment, extensions of contracts, separations etc.).
  • coordinating and maintaining the Sector’s Human Resources data and reporting


Chief of Human Resources Officer

Ms Virginie PAOLINI
Senior Human Resource Assistant

Ms Jeanne BOIGEY
Human Resources Assistant

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