Unit for Institutes and External Relations (ED/EO/IER)

The major activities of this unit are:

  • liaising with and supporting Institutes and Centres and assisting the Assistant Director-General in his contacts with their respective Directors.
  • ensuring the functioning of the education sector Working Group on Institutes/Centres and representing the sector at related meetings.
  • ensuring liaison with Regional bureaux and Field Offices as part of the accountable decentralization framework (a system for creating a unified management structure)
  • contributing to UNESCO’s regional strategies.
  • assisting the Assistant Director-General with representatives of Member States, ambassadors, parliamentarians, goodwill ambassadors etc.
  • preparing briefings for the Assistant Director-General and Sector contributions to briefings for the Director-General.
  • acting as the Sector’s focal point for NGOs.
  • contributing to reports on the implementation of the UN General Assembly resolutions.
  • building cooperation with UN sister agencies and external partners.
  • coordinating the implementation of programmes linked to UNESCO’s prizes, anniversaries, fellowships and goodwill ambassadors


Ms Elizabeth FORDHAM
Chief of Unit

Programme Specialist

Ms Joyce POAN
Liaison Officer

Ms Marie-France DESPRIN
Secretarial Assistant


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