Global events on World AIDS Day

©UNESCO Santiago/V. Valenzuela

©UNESCO Santiago/V. Valenzuela

Prize-winning Chilean school celebrates World AIDS Day  

Alcalde Jorge Indo High School in Quilicura, Chile, which suffered heavy damage in the huge earthquake in February, will be the centre of World AIDS Day activities on 1 December. In partnership with UNESCO Santiago and the Regional Centre for Information and Support for HIV and AIDS Prevention (CRIAPS), the school will celebrate having won first prize in the Vienna AIDS Conference poster competition organized by UNESCO. The award will be presented to the school director, along with official certification as a UNESCO Associated School. CRIAPS will present a play to high school students. Called ‘It’s Not That Simple, But Not That Complicated, Either’, it relates to everyday situations that adolescents and young people face where they need to protect themselves against HIV and other STIs.  The event will be attended by the Mayor and Municipal Council, school directors and members of the Joint UN Team on HIV and AIDS in Chile.  More

Tolerance campaign in the Kyrgyz Republic

UNESCO Almaty will mark World AIDS Day in the Kyrgyz Republic with a tolerance campaign lasting until Migrants’ Day on 12 December. Activities will include a launch event in Bishkek and a web-based discussion forum on tolerance issues. Partners include the UN Center for Preventive Diplomacy in Central Asia, other UN agencies and civil society organizations.

Communicating better in Tajikistan

UNESCO Almaty is hosting a training workshop on “Effective Communication Skills on Migration and HIV and AIDS, Central Asia” in Dushanbe from 30 November to 2 December.  Participants who work with migrants will learn how to communicate accurate messages on labour migration and HIV and AIDS, two issues increasingly linked in Central Asian media and resulting in increasing discrimination towards migrants. World AIDS Day will be marked during the workshop. 

Exhibition in Kazakhstan

A photo exhibition “We are alongside. We are together” for World AIDS Day aims to foster greater acceptance of and solidarity with people living with or affected by HIV, and contribute to the reduction of stigma and discrimination against them. Created by young photographers and people living with HIV from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan and a professional photographer from Ukraine, the photos will demonstrate the togetherness of all people, irrespective of their HIV status.  

Human rights and HIV in the Russian Federation

Raising public awareness about prevention of HIV, with the aim of reducing the stigma and discrimination associated with the virus, is the theme of activities to mark World AIDS Day and International Human Rights Day (10 December) in Moscow.  Representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations, experts in human rights, ombudspersons, scholars, people of art and culture, as well as people living with HIV and mass media representatives will participate. The activities are organized by UNESCO Moscow, in partnership with the Tolerance Institute of the All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature.

Getting the message across in Afghanistan

Messages in broadcast media on HIV and drug prevention, and posters, banners, and leaflets for events across the country are part of World AIDS Day plans by UNESCO Kabul and the National AIDS Control Program. All the activities will focus on human rights and HIV, and target young people.  UNESCO is facilitating the involvement of the education sector and is also working closely with media and other partners. 

Tackling taboos in Bangladesh

A play about men who have sex with men, organized by BANDHU Social Welfare Society, and a seminar on HIV and AIDS organized by the Bangladesh National Commission are among the activities that UNESCO Dhaka is supporting for World AIDS Day.  BANDHU Social Welfare Society

Students mobilize in China

Student groups in some 20 universities in Beijing are holding a series of participatory activities on the theme “Our rights, our responsibilities” which they prepared throughout November with the help of small grants.  UNESCO Beijing has collaborated with UNICEF, UNFPA, China HIV and AIDS Information Network (CHAIN) and other NGOs to support these groups and “It’s about Us”, a web-based activity for Chinese universities (in Chinese) See the Video

Royalty and variety in ambitious campaign in Thailand

Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali will preside over a candlelight ceremony at the Thai Red Cross compound as part of the World AIDS Day campaign. She will present certificates and awards for outstanding performance in delivering services related to HIV and AIDS. An exhibition on HIV and AIDS will be held in the same location. Transgender dancers will join school and military bands in a World AIDS Day campaign parade, led by the Population and Community Development Association in Tiffani, Pattaya. At a candle-lighting ceremony organized by Pattaya Municipality, key messages related to HIV and human rights will be delivered.   

UNESCO Bangkok is engaged in the World AIDS Day campaign which is led by the Thai NGO Coalition on AIDS and the Ministry of Public Health, together with UN partners and national and international NGOs.  The campaign takes place in a number of locations in Bangkok and in major cities in four regions. 

Exhibition in Namibia

An exhibition on the theme of “Young people, Loving relationships, and HIV and AIDS” will feature texts and photos developed by young people, parents and teachers.

UNESCO is launching the national “PhotoVoice” exhibition, part of UNESCO’s partnership with the Virginio Bruni Tedeschi Foundation in collaboration with UNAIDS, the Ministry of Education, Ombetja Yehinga Organization (OYO) and Positive Vibes.   The aim of the exhibition is to create a platform for engaging in discussions with young people about dating and sexual relationships, and to use this as an entry point for strengthening education on HIV and AIDS, addressing key drivers of HIV in Namibia, including multiple concurrent partnerships and intergenerational sex. The exhibition will be visited by schools and a regional tour is planned next year.

Royalty in Lesotho

In Lesotho UNESCO is supporting the National AIDS Council and other UN agencies in commemorating World AIDS Day in the presence of the King. The “PhotoVoice” exhibition, a launch of the Education Sector HIV and AIDS Policy and extracurricular HIV and AIDS materials, and facilitation of HIV testing and counselling for the sector are among activities that UNESCO has planned with the Ministry of Education and Training.

New ideas in Swaziland

“HIV Prevention: In pursuit of New Ideas”is the title ofthe ”HIV and AIDS Indaba”: a two-day stakeholder meeting organized by the National Emergency Response Council on HIV/AIDS (NERCHA) and supported by UNAIDS in Swaziland. UNESCO is participating in the launch of the “PhotoVoice” exhibition, in collaboration with the Swaziland National Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS (SWANNEPHA) and UNAIDS, and the launch of the first “EduSector Health Day”, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, which will bring voluntary HIV counseling and testing, and prevention services on HIV to education personnel, along with other health checks.

Exhibition in Angola

In Angola: UNESCO is participating in the launch of the “PhotoVoice” exhibition in collaboration with the national association of people living with HIV (RNP+ANGOLA) and schools in the Cunene and Luanda regions.

Exhibition: Students and teachers speak out about HIV in Africa

A documentary in Kenya

In Kenya, UNESCO staff will watch a documentary produced by UNESCO titled Tumaini   Bethzatha was founded with the aim of mitigating the impact of HIV and AIDS through community participation and is currently home to 32 AIDS orphans.

Positive teachers in Zimbabwe

The Bulawayo network of Teachers Living Positively with HIV is the focus of activities organized by the Zimbabwe National Commission, in collaboration with Teachers’ Unions. Activities include a workshop on positive living. Teachers living positively with HIV, HIV and AIDS Focal Points from the two Ministries of Education, representatives of Teachers’ Unions, the National Commission and the UNESCO Harare Office will participate.

Family World AIDS Day in Zambia

At a Family World AIDS Day on the theme of “Universal Access to prevention, care and support and treatment”, staff and spouses of education ministry officials will be invited to learn about HIV counseling and testing; distribution of anti-retroviral therapy; other health checks; and HIV education, through music, drama and poetry. T-shirts with World AIDS Day slogans will be printed and distributed.

Distribution of materials in Tanzania

The Tanzanian government will display and distribute UNESCO HIV materials to key government officials and policy-makers, including the study on “Supporting the education needs of HIV-positive learners: lessons from Namibia and Tanzania” and the International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education. UNESCO will participate in the event, as well as in UN-organized activities which include the distribution of Swahili booklets on ”Living in a world of HIV and AIDS”; voluntary HIV counseling and testing, and other health checks for UN staff and families; and a play performed by a group of young HIV+ people from Zanzibar, on their experience of stigma and discrimination.


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