In order to translate UNESCO’s ideals into concrete action, UNESCO launched the Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) in 1953. ASPnet is a network of committed schools

- engaged in fostering and delivering quality education
- in pursuit of peace, liberty, justice and human development
- in order to meet the pressing educational needs of children and young people throughout the world.

ASPnet schools are ‘navigators for peace’ and agents for positive change :

- They are instrumental to achieving Education for All as expressed in the six Dakar goals adopted by the World Education Forum, 2000;
- Work towards the United Nations Millennium Development Goals;
- Contribute to the implementation of UNESCO’s strategies and programmes in education, science, culture and communication;
- Serve as laboratories of ideas on innovative approaches for quality education for all;
- Translate the four pillars of education for the 21st century -- learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together—into good practices of quality education.

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