The UNESCO Associated Schools (ASPnet) promote Education for All, in particular Goals 3 (life skills) and 6 (quality education) of the Dakar Framework for Action. They encourage schools to contribute to international understanding and peace and they place emphasis on UNESCO ideals and the four pillars of Learning for the 21st Century: learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together.

ASPnet identifies and diffuses examples of quality education in practice with emphasis on the following four ASPnet themes of study:

World concerns and the role of the United Nations system

Education for Sustainable Development 

Peace and human rights

Intercultural learning

ASPnet is operating on the nationalregional and international levels. 


ASPnet new ASPnet Strategy and Plan of Action (2014-2021)


To read more:

ASPnet Strategy and Plan of Action (2004-2009)

Berlin Blue Print

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