“My change makes the world change": Rainbow Youth Global Citizen Project


To celebrate the International Year of Youth 2010-2011, Korean ASPnet schools organized the Rainbow Youth Global Citizen Project, a year-long programme that provided students and their teachers with opportunities to carry out projects and campaigns to address key issues in their society today.

The project aimed to raise students’ awareness and understanding of peace, human rights, cultural diversity, globalization, local culture, sustainability and other issues and encoyrage their participation in related projects.

Students came up with creative ideas and completed a number of successful projects which allowed them to apply their studies to the real world. Some projects involved looking for ways to promote disappearing cultural traditions, like Pansori, a genre of Korean traditional music; others focused on local cultures in general, like Jeju-do, where students organized after-school activities in the framework of local festivals. Campaigns were organized to promote sustainability, recycling, energy conservation, and the protection of animals in danger of extinction.

The young people built partnerships and connected with friends to build a common united rainbow for cooperation.

The project was concluded through the adoption of the Rainbow Youth Global Citizen Declaration. The document captures the ideas shared, evaluated and synthesized by the participating students, and reaffirms their commitment to them, as well as the importance of youth initiatives in the areas addressed by the project.


Read the Rainbow Youth Global Citizen Project Report

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