- Sensitize youth to their common and future heritage

- Raise awareness of young people about environmental issues

- Contribute to the UN-Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, develop innovative teaching methods and teacher materials

- Encourage the development of a holistic approach to problems (including, for example, cultural and historical aspects) as underlined in principles of sustainability

- Promote active cultural dialogue among the nations along the Danube

- Facilitate European cooperation through regular exchange of information, experience, best practices, etc. and strengthen existing networks


Several activities were conducted by interested schools participating in the project and presented at the following main events:


Blue Danube River Project Youth Water Congress in Poland (20-25 April 2007) with 13 countries participating (the 10 Danube countries, Spain, Belgium and UK)


International Youth Congress in Baja (2005) and subsequent activities in home countries such as Germany (website in German)

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