Selected UNESCO resources on TST

Publication series: Del Olvido a la memoria (From oblivion to memory) (in Spanish only), 2008/09

Four volumes and a didactical guide aim at improving the knowledge of the particular features of slavery in the Central American countries, elaborated by the Slave Route Project in cooperation with the UNESCO Office San Jose. The didactical guide provides support to teachers, including reading guidelines and possible student activities.


  • UNESCO Campaign “All Equal in Diversity”, 2005
    “All Equal in Diversity” was an international campaign mobilizing schools against racism, discrimination, and exclusion. Provides activity suggestions from awareness-raising, research, and action.
  • Breaking the Silence: The Transatlantic Slave Trade Education, 2004
    This 16-page booklet reconstructs the motivation to establish the TST Project with a mosaic of experience, knowledge, ideas and suggestions from schools on three continents that have accepted the challenge of breaking the silence. Especially useful as a companion to activities focusing on the value of local history.

Trilogy of publications

  • Slave Voyages: The Transatlantic Trade in Enslaved Africans, 2002
    Written by Dr. Hilary Beckles, this text sets out a general history of the TST with an interpretative overview of the literature. Great starting point for professional development. Excerpts may be used as class texts.
  • Slave Visions: The Aspirations and Hopes of Slaves and Former Slaves, 2001
    Educational resource based on the lives and experiences of former slaves.
  •  Slave Voices: The Sounds of Freedom, 1999
    The first of a trilogy of educational materials collected by ASPnet in the framework of the TST project. Co-edited by Dr. Hilary Beckles and Verene Shepherd, This volume is an anti-slavery compilation of the written, narrated and spoken words of the enslaved. Handy resource when planning an interdisciplinary lesson.
  • Teaching About the TST, 2001
    Ideas and proposals to enhance in-service and pre-service teacher education programmes from a multidisciplinary perspective, written by Ival Melville-Myers.

  • Programme of Study of Breaking the Silence: TST Education Project
    This programme of study is designed to enable students to obtain not only a sense of the moral aspects of this tragic development, but to understand the significant achievements of dispersed African peoples in the making of Atlantic modernity.

  • Breaking the silence 
    A booklet on the ASPnet Transatlantic Slave Trade Education Project: Under the title of "Breaking the Silence" an opportunity has been given to young people to study the events and developments of their common  past, regardless of their backgrounds and present-day living conditions.

  • Slave Voyages: The Transatlantic Trade in Enslaved Africans.
    A history of the Transatlantic Slave Trade drafted and approved by TST Task Force members, studied in participating schools and available to all.

  • Campaign: “All Equal in Diversity” 
    The international schools campaign: “All Equal in Diversity: Mobilizing Schools against Racism, Discrimination and Exclusion” was launched within the framework of the TST project. The guidelines contain suggestions for activities and projects.

  • Programme of Study
    This programme of study is designed to enable students obtain not only a sense of the moral aspects of this tragic development, but to understand the significant achievements of dispersed African peoples in the making of Atlantic modernity – particularly with respect to Europe and the Americas.

Related websites

  • UNESCO’s Slave Route Project
    The website shows the breadth of work done by the Slave Route Project, launched in Benin in 1994. A source of background materials to expand the understanding of the far-reaching implications of the slave trade system, and learn about related UNESCO’s areas of action.
  • International Year for People of African Descent 2011
    Declared by the UN General Assembly, the Year aims at strengthening national action and regional and international cooperation for the benefit of people of African descent, including the promotion of a greater knowledge of and respect for their diverse heritage and culture.
  • International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures 2010
  • Breaking the Silence. Learning about the Transatlantic Slave Trade (updated until 2006)
    This site is designed to provide teachers with a variety of resources and ideas about how to teach the subject holistically, accurately and truthfully. Elaborated in a joint initiative between UNESCO and the TST Project, Anti-Slavery International, the British Council and the Norwegian Agency for Development Co-operation (NORAD).
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