UNESCO Education sector Partners

UNESCO's Education Sector partners include: 

  • United Nations Agencies
    As the UN agency with a special mandate in education, UNESCO cooperates with a large number of UN agencies to meet education needs worldwide, in the framework of the Millennium Development Goals and the Education for All goals.
  • Bilateral and Multi-lateral Donors
    Bilateral and multilateral donor agencies provide funding that is vital to support education in developing countries. They also assist countries in developing effective education policies and strategies.
  • Civil Society and Non-governmental Organizations
    Partnerships with civil society strengthen advocacy efforts and reduce inequalities in education through programme delivery to marginalized and vulnerable groups.
  • Private Sector
    Companies, foundations and private individuals have the technology and skills to promote educational development, making them an increasingly strategic partner.
  • Thematic Partnerships
    Thematic partnerships facilitate collaborative action to tackle specific issues.
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