Sustaining literacy in Africa: Developing a literate environment

Literacy has never been more necessary for development. It is key to communication and learning, and fundamental for active participation in today’s knowledge-based societies.

This publication entitled Sustaining Literacy in Africa: Developing a Literate Environment contributes, in the critical context of Africa, to the conceptual development of the notion of the literate environment – an essential element for the promotion of literacy. It brings knowledge and insights about literate environments, highlighting inter-related issues such as its definitions, previous undertakings, methods of assessment as well as interactions between the supply and demand sides of environments.

  • Series - Emerging trends in youth and adult literacy
  • Release date - 23 June 2014
  • ISBN - 9 789230 012304
  • Author - Peter Easton
  • No. pages - 295 pages
  • Keywords - literacy, literate environments, africa


Hard copy - not available

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