07.08.2012 - Education Sector

Apply for regional Diplomas in Latin America and Africa



The Diploma in Curriculum Design and Development in Latin America and Africa will commence in August and November 2012, respectively. Applications are currently being accepted for consideration.

The main goal of this UNESCO initiative is to implement innovative, sustainable and accredited capacity development programmes in the field of curriculum. It is jointly implemented by UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE), Regional Bureau for Education in Africa (BREDA), Regional Bureau of Education for Latin America and the Caribbean (OREALC), Section for Teacher Development and Education Policies (TEP), and local partners.

The Diploma courses respond to a real need, identified by IBE and UNESCO Regional Offices, namely to enhance the capacities of ministry of education officials and specialists in curriculum design and development.

The course is designed for education policymakers, planners, curriculum developers, teacher trainers, quality assurance officers, researchers, international staff and other partners in education at the local and regional levels. It is conducted on a part-time basis, including a two-week intensive session in which participants’ attendance is required, as well as distance learning activities within a timeframe of 30 weeks.

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