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Committing to education’s future in Kampala: the Second Eastern Africa High Level Forum on Education for All

Second Eastern Africa High Level Forum on Education for All

Common challenges to the progress of Education for All in Eastern Africa were among the items discussed by regional Ministers of Education from 9-10 July 2013 in Kampala, Uganda, during the Second Eastern Africa High Level Forum on Education for All (EFA).

Thirteen central challenges were identified across the region, including the need for harmonization and effective implementation to address critical issues such as poverty and hunger, peace and conflict, education for refugees, etc., and evidence-based policy development, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

The Second Forum focused on the EFA Acceleration Framework, dubbed the “Big Push”, to achieve education goals by 2015. Other objectives included assessing the regional progress made and the results achieved on the six goals thus far, hearing proposals on the Eastern Africa post-2015 agenda as input to the global education discussion, and adopting the Kampala Commitment.

The Kampala Commitment is a collective pledge between Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania (Mainland) and Zanzibar, and Uganda, to accelerate progress towards the achievement of EFA goals and to help steer the post-2015 Eastern Africa agenda. Member States have guaranteed to conduct comprehensive national assessments by June 2014 and to develop national road maps for annual review.

The Ministers and UNESCO aligned on the overarching regional priorities of “Quality education and lifelong learning for all” until 2015, and also on the importance of remaining engaged in national and regional dialogues to define the next agenda.

The Second Forum was co-organized by the UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, in partnership with National Commission of Uganda for UNESCO, at the invitation of the Minister of Education and Sports of the Government of Uganda. Through the Mombasa Call for Action of the First Forum in 2011, Member States unanimously agreed to meet regularly to discuss EFA. The next Forum will be hosted by the Government of the Republic of Rwanda in 2014.

Yayoi Segi-Vltchek
UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa

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