05.09.2012 - Education Sector

Make your voice heard! We are looking for young people to help us write a youth version of our Report

Peace Child International and UNESCO's Education for All Global Monitoring Report Team are looking for a Task Force of young people aged 15-30 to help us produce a young people's summary of this year's landmark Report on Youth, Skills and Work. We hope that young writers and artists can help bring the messages and data in the Report to life, putting them into their own words, together with personal reports, poems, stories and opinion pieces, paintings, cartoons and photographs - so that everyone can understand it.

Your contributions will be read by young people and many others (often senior politicians) - around the world. And you, and your school or group, will be listed in the book as a Task Force Member. Further - if you send in a particularly good story, opinion piece or illustration - you may be invited to the Editor's Meeting in the United Kingdom at the start of October with all expenses paid.

If you would like to participate, write back by September 8 to Willow Hewitt, at: editor(at)peacechild.org.

Read more about how to apply and find blogs written by young people over the course of the last year explaining how education is - or is not - preparing them for the world of work.

Please share this opportunity with your friends and family via Facebook and Twitter too:

Sample Tweet: Make your voice heard! Help @efareport write a #youth version of our Putting Education to Work report http://bit.ly/vpC8CF #YouthSkillsWork

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