26.10.2011 - Education Sector

Quality education for Roma people

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Over 55 participants from eight Central and Eastern European countries met in Belgrade on 17–18 October to promote the right to quality education for Roma people. As well as fostering partnerships in the region, they identified key areas of action in the field.

The Regional Expert Meeting “Promoting the right to quality education for Roma people”, co-organized by UNESCO and the Serbian Ministry of Education, discussed, among others, respect for diversity, intercultural education, vocational training and social inclusion.

The participants stressed the need to continue dialogue and exchange and called upon UNESCO and its partners to facilitate the acquisition and exchange of relevant knowledge in the region.  

Participants also underlined the importance of developing the knowledge and capacities of those working directly with Roma people – particularly teachers, teacher assistants and mediators. They agreed that what was needed was not so much policy development, but its proper implementation – which requires acquisition of pertinent knowledge and skills by these stakeholders.

To follow up on the meeting, and in response to the issues highlighted by the participants, UNESCO will undertake a study on intercultural education in the eight countries covered by the event.


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