27.06.2011 - Education Sector

Respecting diversity in education for Roma and other excluded groups

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The ultimate goal of inclusive quality education is to end all forms of discrimination and foster social cohesion and seek to develop the full potential of every individual, particularly those from vulnerable and marginalized groups. This is the message UNESCO will deliver at an international conference in Bratislava, Slovakia (28 -29 June) entitled “Respecting Cultural Diversities in Quality Education of Socially and Differently Disadvantaged Children (with special focus on Roma Children)”.

The conference will allow experts from different countries and regions exchange experiences and present new tools and methods, as well as to build up a regional network for training and capacity-building in inclusive quality education and children’s  rights, specifically with regard to Roma children.

The event is organized by the Research Institute for Child Psychology and Pathopsychology in Bratislava together with the Slovak national for UNESCO, with UNESCO support.

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