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UNESCO Mobile Learning Week produces tangible results

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A set of mobile learning guidelines, teacher training initiatives in four regions and a series of working papers, along with a budding community of practice are among the initiatives launched during the first UNESCO Mobile Learning Week .

Organized in partnership with Nokia, Mobile Learning Week was held at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris. It comprised an international experts’ meeting followed by a symposium to address the use of mobile technologies in education.

The purpose of Mobile Learning Week was threefold:

Firstly, the event served as a launching pad for UNESCO's work in the mobile learning arena to grow a global community of practice that can be mobilized in support of Education for All (EFA) goals. Mobile Learning Week was therefore designed to learn from participants’ ideas and insights on how best to integrate mobile learning within UNESCO’s strategies to expand education access, quality and equity.

Secondly, Mobile Learning Week served to guide UNESCO in developing policy guidelines to help national governments to take advantage of the educational opportunities offered by mobile technologies. The guidelines will be published in late 2012 and will contain recommendations on how to respond to the rapid changes in mobile technologies and their increasing influence on education systems. Open to debate and public scrutiny, the guidelines can be adapted and changed to suit local contexts.

The third goal of Mobile Learning Week was to explore how mobile technologies can be used to support teachers and their professional development. Building upon ideas and experiences exchanged during the event, programmes on teacher development through mobile learning will be developed during 2012 in four focus countries: Mexico, Pakistan, Nigeria and Senegal.

As part of the event, drafts were presented of the first ten UNESCO Working Papers on Mobile Learning, including regional reviews of policies in support of mobile learning and initiatives to support teachers through mobile technologies. The reports cover developments in the Middle East and Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America. The finalized working papers will be released in early 2012.

Mobile learning week took place Room 12-16 December, 2011.


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