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For a definition of what "Recognized Higher Education Institution" means in Belarus:

Nationally accredited higher education institutions are institutions accredited by the Ministry of Education as a part of the national higher education system. Accredited higher education institutions are designated as a type – university (State University), branch university (e.g. University of Culture, Pedagogical University), Academy, Conservatory, Institute, or higher college. The designation depends on the range of programme offerings and types of degrees conferred and it is indicated in the Institution’s official name.

1. Higher education institutions recognized by competent authorities

2. Higher education programmes recognized by competent authorities

  • Not available

3. Information for students planning to study in the country

4. Information on the higher education system

5. Information on foreign credential assessment and recognition

6. Information on financial assistance opportunities

  • For national students planning to study abroad
    Based on agreements between Higher Education Institutions.
  • For international students planning to study in the country
    Not available

7. Cross-border higher education

  • Not available

8. National information centre

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