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For a definition of what "Recognized Higher Education Institution" means in Chile:

Institutions considered as higher education are universities, professional institutes and Centers for technical training that have obtained official recognition by the Government and that currently partake in teaching activities.

1. Higher education institutions recognized by competent authorities

2. Higher education programmes recognized by competent authorities

3. Information for students planning to study in the country

4. Information on higher education system

  • Information on the Education system in Chile (Spanish)
    The Chilean educational system identifies three types of institutions as higher education: universities, professional institutes and centers for technical training. Officially, Chilean authorities recognize three types of academic certification: higher level technical diplomas, professional diplomas and academic degrees.

5. Information on foreign credential assessment and recognition

6. Information on financial assistance opportunities

7. Cross-border higher education

  • Transnational higher education (Spanish)
    Chile has various cooperation agreements with other countries for Higher Education, which are managed by the Agency for International Cooperation of Chile (AGCI).

8. National information centre

9. Other information sources

10. Definitions of key terms

  • Glossary (Spanish)
    Information regarding variables of the information system of INDICES, which is managed and administered by the Consejo Superior de Educación.
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