National flag of China

1. Higher education institutions recognized by competent authorities

2. Higher education programmes recognized by competent authorities

3. Information for students planning to study in the country

  • Overall situation of studying in China for international students
    The Chinese Ministry of Education has released an overview of studying in China for international students.
  • Government scholarships
    The China Scholarship Council is legally authorised by the Chinese government to provide financial assistance to the foreign citizens wishing to study in China and to the Chinese citizens wishing to study abroad.
  • Self-funded studies
    The Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange is a legally registered corporate body affiliated to the Chinese Ministry of Education, specializing in offering a full range of services for international scholarly exchanges, including both Chinese students and scholars going abroad, returning from abroad and international students and scholars coming to study in China.

4. Information on the higher education system

5. Information on foreign credential assessment and recognition

6. Information on financial assistance opportunities

7. Cross-border higher education

8. National information centre

9. Other information sources

  • Study in China is a website designed by the CSCSE to provide the prospective international students with general information on study in China, including Chinese higher education institutions, application procedures, HSK and Chinese language learning, life in Chinese universities etc.

10. Definitions of key terms

  • Higher Education is defined by the Higher Education Law of People’s Republic of China as the education provided after the secondary education.
  • Higher Education Institutions in China means universities, approved independent colleges and research institutes, and higher specialized institutions, including adult higher education institutions and higher institutions of professional studies.
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