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For a definition of what "Recognized Higher Education Institution" means in Costa Rica:

In Costa Rica, the term “recognized institution of higher education” is not applicable. The applicable term is “authorized institution of higher education”. In this regard, it should be note that in the case of public, private or international universities the authorization is issued by:

Public Universities: Organic Act approved by the Legislative Assembly of the Republic.

Private Universities: Agreement adopted by the National Council of University Private Higher education, CONESUP-, created by means of Act Number 6693 as a body under the Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica.

International universities: Act of approval of the constituent agreement, approved by the Legislative Assembly of the Republic

The same situation applies to the Costa Rican programs, for which the term “authorized” is applicable instead of “recognized". That term means the formal permission granted by the competent entity, in order to offer them in the country. Their degrees and diplomas enable for the practice, except in those programs that require as a minimum a bachelor's degree. The competent entities to authorize programs in Costa Rica are the National Council of Presidents- CONARE - for programs offered by Public Universities, and the National Council of University Private Higher education - CONESUP - for programs offered by Private Universities. International Universities generally have the legal authority to approve its own offer, but their degrees require the completion of a subsequent process of validation in the country, according to a procedure for recognition and equality.

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