National flag of Estonia

1. Higher education institutions recognized by competent authorities

  • Higher education institutions
    Estonian public universities, state professional higher education institutions, private higher education institutions with accredited programmes and vocational education institutions with right to offer higher education programmes.

2. Higher education programmes recognized by competent authorities

3. Information for students planning to study in the country

4. Information on higher education system

5. Information on foreign credential assessment and recognition

  • Academic recognition
    Information on procedures, criteria and general principles of assessment and recognition of foreign qualifications in Estonia.

6. Information on financial assistance opportunities

  • Scholarships
    Scholarships for international students in Estonia.
  • Academic Scholarships (Estonian)
    The Centre for Higher Education Development (Kõrghariduse Arenduskeskus) is providing information on scholarship programmes for national students for studies abroad.

7. Cross-border higher education

  • Not available

8. National information centre

9. Other information sources

10. Definitions of key terms

  • Not available
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