How to Participate

To include country information on the Portal, interested UNESCO Member States are required to send UNESCO the following two documents:

  • A letter confirming their interest in participating in this activity from either their National Higher Education Authority, UNESCO National Commission, and/or the Permanent Delegation to UNESCO. This letter should also include the name of the National Focal Point.
  • A completed National Information ‘Designation of National Focal Point’ Form.

The National Focal will be responsible for validating all information concerning their country that will be published on the UNESCO Portal to Recognized Higher Education Institutions. The National Focal Point is responsible for the following tasks:

  • validating information available on the country-level template;
  • representing their country on the Steering Group Meeting(s) for this project;
  • verification of  the exactitude and pertinence of all resources;
  • providing/updating the title and short description to be attached to each listed resource;
  • determining, where more than one resource is provided in a category, the order in which they are to appear; and
  • carrying out liaison and follow-up actions within the country with regard to the project.

Including Information on the Portal

To add country specific information to the new portal, the procedures required to include information are available below:

The National Focal Point should complete the requisite procedures to officially include their country page on the Portal. Once the documentation has been prepared and submitted, we strongly encourage you to also email it to us as well in Word format so that we can begin to immediately upload the information to the Portal.

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