High-level International Round Table (6-7 September)

To mark the occasion of International Literacy Day and to pay tribute to this year’s theme UNESCO will convene a High-level International Round Table on Literacy, entitled ‘Reaching the 2015 Literacy Target: Delivering on the Promise!’ on 6 and 7 September at its Headquarters. The Round Table will provide a forum of interaction for more than 40 countries with considerable numbers of illiterate populations, including the 36 countries which are part of UNESCO’s Literacy Initiative for Empowerment (LIFE), as well as other UN agencies, civil society organizations and development partners.

The event will also mark the last year of the UNLD (2003-2012) and the implementation of LIFE which is at mid way. Given that there are three more years to meet the Education for All goals related to literacy, the Round Table will be a unique opportunity to reflect, plan and design future actions for scaling-up literacy efforts in the three coming years, and to also envision the post-2015 literacy scenario.

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