Voices for Literacy

"Voices for Literacy" is a video project conceived as an advocacy tool to operate within the United Nations Literacy Decade and communicate around its goals, challenges, success stories etc. It consists of a gallery of short video statements and interviews with a wide range of literacy actors and advocates.

The project aims at mobilizing support for literacy by sharing recordings of messages, statements and ideas, from a variety of literacy actors in order to reach a broad audience.

The video messages will be shared via the UNESCO website as well as via social networks such as Facebook and You Tube throughout 2009 and 2010.

If you would like to become one of the Voices for Literacy please send your own videos for consideration to literacy(at)unesco.org

Video Guidelines:

Interviewees: Policy makers; national celebrities including artists, writers; columnists and intellectuals; literacy stakeholders and all those involved in literacy such as NGO practitioners, learners, new-literates etc.

Type of message/interviews: Key messages, human stories, effective practices, literacy innovations, literacy challenges.

Topics: All literacy-related topics are pertinent: Literate environments and sustainable literacy skills, empowerment, literacy and health, multilingual literacy, use of ICTs for literacy etc.

Format: The recording should be approx 2/3 minutes.

Tools: Videos do not necessarily have to be filmed with professional video cameras. Photo cameras, webcams, mobile phones, etc. can also be used as long as the quality allows web publishing.

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