UNESCO International Literacy Prizewinners 2012

UNESCO Confucius Literacy Prize - Bhutan

Non-formal and Continuing Education programme, Department of Adult and Higher Education
Operating in a rugged, mountainous country with a dispersed population, Bhutan’s successful Non-formal and Continuing Education Programme (NFCEP) has been recognized as a model for developing countries.  More

UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize - Indonesia

Improving quality of literacy education through entrepreneurship literacy, reading culture and tutor training, Directorate of Community Education Development.
Commended for its wide outreach to close to three million people, this programme operates community reading centres in public spaces such as markets and worship areas in over 75,000 villages throughout Indonesia. More

UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize - Rwanda

National Adult Literacy Programme, Pentecostal Church.
The vision behind this programme is to contribute to the holistic and sustainable development of the Rwandese people, based on knowledge of and respect for the human values, including the right of every human being to a quality education.  More

UNESCO Confucius Literacy Prize - Colombia

Interactive System (Transformemos Educando), Fundacion Transformemos. To educate adults and youth for peace, allowing for social development and meaningful learning, is the aim of Transformemos Educando. More

UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize-Honourable Mention-Niger

Functional literacy programme for women and girls through women’s groups and lifelong education , Directorate of Literacy and Adult Education.  The Jury appreciated the fact that this programme was designed to respond to the specific needs of both women and girls and that it covers not only reading, writing and counting in the mother tongues but also life skills and practical and productive activities. More

UNESCO Confucius Literacy Prize - Honourable Mention - Morocco

Literacy and Post-literacy programme: Means of empowerment and socio-economic integration of women in Morocco , The Illiteracy Eradication Directorate.
Conducted Morocco’s Ministry of Education, this programme links literacy to women’s socio-economic integration through post-literacy training that seeks to consolidate literacy skills and to help women develop micro-economic projects. More

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