UNESCO Confucius Literacy Prize - Colombia

©Transformemos Foundation for Social development
Colombian soldiers studies while they perform duties in an mobile interactive classroom of the Transformemos Educando Interactive System

Interactive System (Transformemos Educando), Fundacion Transformemos

To educate adults and youth for peace, allowing for social development and meaningful learning, is the aim of Transformemos Educando. It contributes to equity and poverty eradication and empowers vulnerable target populations in regions where access is difficult.  The programme offers out-of school basic education through interactive teaching and ICTs in 1,200 interactive classrooms equipped with laptops, projectors and TVs. Since its inception in 2006, the programme has been replicated in 24 sites and reached 300,000 people. One entire region, Cartagena de Indias achieved literacy thanks to this programme, which acknowledges the different elements of Colombia’s pluricultural society.

In the more violent regions, out-of-school youth are recruited by terrorists and drug traffickers or forced to migrate. The programme offers them basic and livelihood education, income-generating activities, community development strategies and especially self-esteem and positive reintegration into their communities. More

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