UNESCO Confucius Literacy Prize - Honourable Mention - Morocco

Literacy and Post-literacy programme: Means of empowerment and socio-economic integration of women in Morocco , The Illiteracy Eradication Directorate

Conducted Morocco’s Ministry of Education, this programme links literacy to women’s socio-economic integration through post-literacy training that seeks to consolidate literacy skills and to help women develop micro-economic projects. The methodology is participatory and based on demand, and women are taught through case studies and problem-solving activities. Literacy is seen as a means of empowerment and includes language, occupational and generic skills. As a result of attending the programme, a significant number of women have engaged in income-generating activities or have found employment. Over 10 years, 6 million people have benefitted from this programme, 20% of them men. The programme has had a clear impact on reducing national illiteracy rates, which declined from 43% in 2004 to 30% in 2011. Traditionally higher than that of men, the illiteracy rate among women has been reduced from 55% in 2004 to 41% in 2011.  More

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