The UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy

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Established in 2005 through the generosity of the Government of the People’s Republic of China, the UNESCO Confucius Prize recognize the activities of outstanding individuals, governments or governmental agencies and NGOs whose work in literacy serves rural adults and out-of-school youth, particularly women and girls.

The Prize is named in honour of the renowned Chinese scholar Confucius.

It consists of two monetary awards of US$20,000, a medal and a diploma awarded to each prize-winner. Furthermore, the Confucius Prize offers a study visit to literacy project sites in China.

Every year, UNESCO invites Member States and International NGOs who have formal relations with the Organization to solicit and submit candidacies to the UNESCO International Literacy Prizes.

The selection of prize-winners is made by an International Jury appointed by UNESCO’s Director-General, which meets annually at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. The Prizes are usually awarded in an official ceremony on International Literacy Day (8 September).

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