Non-Formal Education Management Information System (NFE-MIS)

Most countries have Educational Management Information Systems to monitor formal education, but only in rare cases such systems exist for the non-formal sector.

As a response to this challenge, UNESCO has developed an easy-to-use methodology and database for creating a Non-Formal Education Management Information System (NFE-MIS).

The system:

  • provides a practical and internationally applicable approach to NFE monitoring and evaluation, adaptable to local contexts and information needs;
  • enables countries to generate meaningful and reliable information and statistics on NFE which can be used by policy-makers and planners for informed decision making, better planning and delivery, monitoring and evaluation of NFE;
  • aims at improving the co-ordination of programmes among NFE providers; and
  • raises interest and encourages participation in NFE programmes.

The NFE-MIS kit is comprised of:

a Handbook which includes a conceptual framework for NFE, prototype data collection tools, and guidelines for the development of NFE indicators and data analysis, using a practical, step-by-step approach;

Software for a NFE database; and

 a Capacity-building strategy, with a set of training tools.

The methodology has been piloted in Tanzania, India and Cambodia since 2001 and was expanded to Morocco, Jordan and Niger in 2005. Bangladesh, Niger and Senegal joined in 2006.

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Download the NFE-MIS  Handbook

For more information regarding the NFE-MIS, please contact:
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