Non-formal Education

UNESCO GUIDELINES for the Recognition, Validation and Accreditation of the Outcomes of Non-formal and Informal Learning 
2012- UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning

Facilitator's Guide for Adult and Non-formal Education (in Arabic)
2011-UNESCO Beirut

NFE-MIS Handbook: Developing a Sub-national Non-formal Education Management Information System
2005 - This manual presents an easy-to-use methodology for setting up a non-formal education management information system (NFE-MIS). It includes a conceptual framework for NFE, prototype data collection tools, and guidelines for the development of NFE indicators as well as for data analysis.

Handbook for Literacy and Non-Formal Education Facilitators in Africa
2006 - A guide designed for the facilitators to use as a basic guide for responding to the specific needs of the learners and promoting, accordingly, knowledge, skills and attitudes in reading, writing and numeracy.

Handbook Non-formal Adult Education Facilitators 
2001-UNESCO Asia-Pacific Programme of Education for All (APPEAL)

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