Second Global Forum on the Power of Peace

Bangkok, Thailand : 28-30 October 2009. UNESCO, in collaboration with the Government of Thailand, is organizing the Second Global Forum on the Power of Peace, which will be a timely occasion to build on past discussions commencing with the first Forum on the power of Peace held in Bali, Indonesia in January 2007.

The Forum will review some of the work, discussion and planning that has transpired since the first Forum. Strategies for the continued development of "The Power of Peace Network" (PPN) will be the subject of Café styled deliberations of Forum participants. The Power of Peace Network web-portal will be launched at the Bangkok Forum.


Within the context of difficult economic times and rapidly changing social realities, the place and efficacy of a Power of Peace Network can be reassessed. <a href="">Dr. Abdul Waheed Khan</a>, UNESCO's Assistant Director General for Communication and Information, will officiate and open the Forum along with a representative of the host country and special guests.


PPN will be discussed in the framework of Forum themes touching on the role of media and ICTs relating to mutual understanding, conflict management, new opportunities for collaboration, faith and religion, and the leadership of youth and universities.


Building on the <a href="">"Spirit of Bali" Declaration</a>, this Forum seeks practical programmes and solutions to using the modern tools of information and communication for mutual understanding and peace.


Please consult the <a href="">Bangkok Forum website</a> for background documents, concept papers, and more.

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