UNESCO Forum on building peace through communication and information to be held in Indonesia

"Power of Peace. Building Peace through Communication and Information" is the title of a Global Forum that UNESCO, in association with the Government of Indonesia, is hosting in Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia, from 21 to 23 January 2007.

The purpose of the event is to identify practical measures to seek improvement for the ways mass media and information and communication tools can contribute to cultural self-expression and peace.


High-level communication and information experts attending the event will discuss the feasibility to establish a "Power of Peace" Network. This network, a dedicated digital multi-media and ICT platform, is expected to carry locally produced content worldwide by available satellite space and through national broadcast affiliates, cable companies, direct-to-home systems and the new platforms available on line and through wireless systems and digital boxes.


The start-up of the network is planned to be funded by public partners involved in development assistance (multilateral, bilateral, foundations, development banks and funding NGOs) and private partners (cell phone, computer hardware and software companies, dotcom companies).

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