Winners 2009-2010

For its first edition in 2009 the UNESCO-Hamdan Prize rewarded the following three winners: 

The Ali Institute of Education – Pakistan

The Ali Institute of Education won the award for improving the professional capabilities of teachers in Pakistan, through its Training Resource Centers (since 1997) and for having provided in-service training to 12,000 teachers of whom 87% are women.  More information

The Centre of Excellence for Teacher Training (Centro de Excelenciapara la Capacitacion de Maestros) - The Dominican Republic

The CECM received the award for its focus on achieving excellence in developing processes for teaching reading and writing to children in the first four years of school, and for having trained more than 3400 teachers and directors.  More information

The Centre Congolais Education pour Tous - The Democratic Republic of Congo

The Centre Congolais Education pour Tous won the award for its training programme for nursery school teachers and facilitators, and developing materials for early childhood education providers. The Centre has trained over 1000 of teachers who would otherwise, have had no access to training.

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