UNESCO-Hamdan Prize Winners 2013-2014

ProEd Foundation – Panama

The “Teachers Teaching Teachers – Professional Learning Community (PLC)” project aims to provide high-quality, continuous professional development for teachers and school administrators of all ethnic, socioeconomic and gender orientations in Panama’s public and low-income private schools. Since its creation in 2002, the project has developed curricular materials and delivered courses to nearly 200 educators a year to improve learning. It provides monthly professional development opportunities to approximately 150 teachers and 20 school directors who influence an estimated 7,000 students annually.

Website: http://www.fundacionproed.net/programas/maestros-apoyando-maestros/

Inspiring Teachers to Inspire - The ProEd Foundation Panama - Winner of the UNESCO-Hamdan Prize 2013-2014

Oxfam Novib and Education International - Belgium

The “Quality Educators for All: Every Child needs a Good Teacher (Quality-Ed)” project was established in Mali and Uganda in 2007. It brings together government representatives, teachers unions, civil society and academics to develop competence profiles for primary school teachers, in a bid to reform teacher training and professional development programs. In Mali, four new modules have been developed for primary teacher training to improve the curriculum in response to the new competence profiles. From 2012 till now, 1200 community teachers (of whom 46% are women) have been trained in four modules. In Uganda, the decision was made to begin the implementation of the profiles through a series of regional workshops held in Mbarara, Mbale, Gulu, and Kampala to train teachers and disseminate the materials. Two teachers from each participating school were selected to attend trainings on Life skills, Gender responsiveness pedagogy and Local language teaching. Until now, 720 teachers have received training guides and teaching materials.


The Quality Educators For All Project

SOS Villages d’Enfants – Madagascar

SOS Villages Madagascar

The “Teacher Training Programme” offers training in participatory pedagogy to primary and secondary teachers from formal and non-formal education since 2011. The idea is to make teaching concrete through the use of pedagogical tools that invite the pupils to discover and understand by themselves the course contents. 122 teachers of the association are continuously trained on active pedagogy and teaching techniques, as well as a group of teachers from elementary and secondary schools from Analamanga, Vakinankaratra and Atsinanana regions. At the end of the program it is expected that 3072 pupils from the association' structures would have received a quality education and 1500 other pupils from the formal sector.

Website: http://www.vesosmad.org/scolarisation.html

Teachers Are Pillars - SOS villages d'enfants Madagascar - Winner of the UNESCO-Hamdan Prize 2013-2014

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