Teachers' voices

Awa Sow, literacy facilitator from Senegal, recounts her struggle to become a teacher

Awa Sow from Senegal is one of Africa's hundreds of thousands of literacy facilitators. She provides non-formal education to women in remote villages as part of a UNESCO-supported literacy project.  Full article

Karima Yousufi, overcoming gender stereotypes in Afghanistan

Karima Yousufi teaches both boys and girls in Abdul Ghafor Nadeem Boys' High School, an Inclusive Education Pilot School in Afghanistan, part of a UNESCO  programme initiated by. She believes Inclusive Education can “open the door for girls”. Full article

In their own words: Village teachers in rural Thailand

Four teachers speak about the challenges they face (including overcrowded classes  and coping with teaching different levels and language groups). They outline their hopes for the future of their students and say how UNESCO can help them. Full article

In their own words: the volunteer teacher who built a school

In 2009 Elisabeth Ballard took a leave of absence from her post as an English teacher at the University of Paris, France and volunteered to teach in India. She ended up building a school. Full article



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