The TTISSA strategy is built around four main areas of support:

  • Improvement of the status and working conditions for teachers 
  • Improvement of teacher management and administration structures  
  • Development of appropriate teacher policies
  • Enhancement of the quality and coherence of teacher professional development

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The brochure, updated in 2008, provides an overview of TTISSA.


Newsletter – Volume 

Volume 1 of the TTISSA Newsletter, published in April 2008, highlights the Initiative’s recent activities and priorities. Future volumes are forthcoming.


Concept Note  

The purpose of this Concept Note is to provide an overview of TTISSA. It serves to help build a shared understanding of what TTISSA is, the principles underpinning the Initiative, the way in which it has been developed and implemented and the way in which stakeholders are engaged.


The TTISSA Logframe: a detailed tool for development

The TTISSA Logframe details the goal, areas of action, activities, and indicators which are used to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Initiative.

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