Vision / Expected Outcomes

The twin focus on systemic change and on training and capacity development of staff of institutions and agencies responsible for designing, monitoring and evaluating TVET policies and programmes will have a multiplier effect and, at the same time, ensure “replicability” and, therefore, sustainability of interventions promoted by the project. It is expected that at least 100 staff (including teachers) of public and private organizations will participate in (and benefit from) project implementation in each country (500 staff for the five countries).

At the beneficiary level, the focus of BEAR at the national level will be on initiatives targeting access of youth to new and/or updated TVET programmes relevant to labour market and youth needs and organized closely with enterprises and local stakeholders. The project will measure impact on young beneficiaries in terms of increased employment and quality of work. It is expected that at least 1000 youth (200 in each country) will benefit directly from the project through updated curricula, trained teachers, improved infrastructure, guidance and attachment to enterprises focusing on specific sectors selected for their potential of job growth.

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