About the Congress

The Congress will provide a unique global platform for knowledge sharing, reflection and debate on the changing landscape of TVET, as well as its future, and more generally on the advancement of skill-development systems. In addition, the Congress will look for ways to ensure that TVET meets individual, national, regional and global development objectives and aspirations. 

To do so the Congress will promote and reinforce cooperation among partners and stakeholders at all levels, and in all relevant disciplines. There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for TVET to address the issues that affect it at this time (see concept note). Therefore, the Congress will address the issues from a number of complementary perspectives – economic, educational and developmental notable among them. Taken together, they offer an integrated approach for the identification of TVET priorities, notably in terms of shaping and reforming policy in this field.  

In turn, this integrated approach is articulated through eight themes, which will be examined in plenary and parallel sessions as well as in Ministerial meetings.


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