UNESCO/Niamh Burke
- Arts and crafts training for Ethiopian girls


International Congress on the Development and Improvement of Technical and Vocational Education (Berlin, Germany).


Second International Congress on TVET held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, constituted a pivotal moment for the TVET community. The Congress demonstrated the great importance of TVET as a key to economic and social development and its deliberations gave directions for reforming TVET to meet critical challenges of increasingly globalized economies, labour markets and societies in the 21st century.


In 2009 UNESCO, acting in close cooperation with a broad range of partners, including specialized United Nations agencies, set in place a Strategy for TVET. The Strategy aims to support TVET in Member States during three biennia (2010-2015).

The strategy focuses on three core areas of actions: (i) provision of upstream policy advice and related capacity development; (ii) conceptual clarification of skills development and improvement of monitoring and (iii) acting as a clearinghouse and informing the global TVET debate.

As part of its third core area, the UNESCO’s Strategy for TVET proposes the organization a Third International Congress on TVET to take stock of developments since 1999, introduce regular mid-term progress reviews on the global development of TVET, assess needs for further developments, and set out joint directions for future work on TVET.

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