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- Workers at the market in Harare, Zimbabwe

The Congress is organised by UNESCO in close collaboration with key international organizations active in the field such as International Labour Organisation, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, World Bank, European Training Foundation and other regional institutions such as Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank and Association for the Development of Education in Africa. Intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, UN agencies and other partners will be also invited to participate in the preparation and holding of the event.

The Congress’ preparation will also allow for consultation with Member States. Meetings and presentations will be organized during the upcoming UNESCO Executive Board meeting.

Third International Congress on TVET - Become a UNESCO Sponsor!

Why sponsor the Third International Congress on TVET?

A UNESCO Sponsor supports the promotion and achievement of Congress objectives and sponsors the participation of participants from non-governmental organizations from different countries, particularly Least Developed Countries.

In return, apart from the advantage of high visibility, the sponsor receives various benefits as outlined in an agreement with UNESCO.

Investing funds and resources in the Congress is an opportunity to help chart a global TVET agenda and ensure broad participation of countries and stakeholders including businesses, workers, local communities and civil society.

UNESCO views the UNESCO Sponsor Agreement as a partnership that will evolve through dialogue and working together towards common objectives and implementation of joint TVET initiatives and programmes.

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