18.03.2010 -

Expert Group explores links between education and the labour market

How to demonstrate the returns on education and training investments was the subject of an expert group meeting held at the UNEVOC Centre in Bonn on March 8-9.

The Expert Group Meeting, Exploring Linkages between Education and the Labour Market: Tools and Methodologies gathered specialists to discuss current approaches and tools analysing the correlation between education and the labour market. In preparation UNESCO commissioned a paper providing the state of the art in this area of research.  

Discussion aimed also at providing guidelines for the finalization of a review paper and the refinement of a workforce simulation model developed on behalf of UNESCO. 

A model which calculates when a country that invests in quality primary and secondary schools can expect to see a return in the form of a more educated and skilled workforce or that provides guidance on what kind of education investments generate the quickest, most efficient, or largest long-term labour force skill changes would allow policy makers to make more precise pronouncements on the expected benefits from education on the work force and employment, and optimize education goals and policies to match economic and poverty reduction goals.  

In addition the meeting established partnerships with participating institutions for the implementation and dissemination of the model. Many countries invest a significant portion of the public budget in education (although basic education remains under-funded in many countries) and many families in poor countries invest heavily in the education of their children in the belief that education and training are essential to reducing poverty and improving personal well-being. 

The meeting was attended by representatives from: the International Institute of Educational Planning, the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training, the Institut de Recherche sur l'Education, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Institute for the Study of Labor, Academy of Educational Development, Leonardo da Vinci and the French Ministry of Education.

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