Based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the project encourages families in rural or underprivileged areas to acquire sound parenting skills from pregnancy on through early childhood.

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UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in the Arab States, in cooperation with UNESCO Cairo Office, Global Campaign for Education and other partner organizations in the Arab region, will hold a regional ECCE policy meeting from 24 to 25 April 2012 in Beirut, Lebanon. It is set within the context of the EFA Global Action Week and as a follow-up to the Damascus and Moscow Conferences on ECCE in 2010.

The objectives of the meeting are :

(1) to reaffirm the importance of investing in ECCE,

(2) review the status of ECCE policies in the Arab region and provide a roadmap for its advancement,

(3) improve mechanisms for coordination and collaboration on ECCE at national and regional level, and

(4) launch the Arab ECCE Working Group. The Arab region has the second lowest regional rate in pre-primary enrolment among all world regions; and disparities between and within countries in the region can be wide. Stronger efforts are needed to reach children in difficult situations such as girls in rural areas, street children, refugees, internally displaced and extremely poor children.

The meeting invites government representatives from Arab countries with particularly low access, namely Iraq, Libya, Mauritania, Sudan and Yemen, as well as from some other countries in the region. It will be also attended by representatives of NGOs, civil society organizations, teacher training institutions and UN agencies working for ECCE.

Contact: Idris Hegazi h.idris(at)unesco.org


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For Global Action Week 2012, the UNESCO Iraq Office teamed up with UNICEF Iraq and the members of the Education Priority Working Group, including WHO and ILO, to plan a range of activities focusing on the theme of ECCE.

These activities include:

  • Supporting the participation of the Ministry of Education at the Regional High-level Meeting on ECCE Policy and Practice organized by UNESCO Beirut Regional Bureau for Education in the Arab States;
  • Co-organization with UNICEF, the Government of Iraq, and UN partners PWG partners a Seminar on ECCE in Iraq in Baghdad and in Erbil to raise awareness about the vital importance of holistic ECCE in individual and national terms;
  • Production and dissemination of a Factsheet on holistic ECCE in Iraq in partnership with UNICEF and the Government of Iraq;
  •  Supporting Iraqi NGOs' efforts in raising awareness about the importance of ECCE at community level across Iraq; and
  • Implementation of an advocacy and media campaign with the participation of UNESCO Iraq Network of NGOs, including the distribution of EFA Global Action Week flyers and posters, the Parent Information Booklet.

Through these activities UNESCO Iraq, UNICEF, and other partners aim to raise the profile of holistic ECCE within the Education for All Framework and improve the situation of young children across Iraq.

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