UNESCO Dhaka participated actively in GAW 2012 preparation and celebration. Bangladesh celebrated GAW 2012 in all the 64 districts mobilizing more than 400,000 people demanding ECCE for healthy, safe and joyful childhood for all children.

The national highlight event of GAW 2012 was the Big Picture undertaken in all the 64 districts on 25 April 2012. Asadujjaman Nur, Member Parliamentary committee for primary and mass education, A K M Abdul Awal Majumder, Secretary MOPME, inaugurated the Big Picture event. A number of celebrities were also present during the event.  Children, parents, officials and other stakeholders’ participation was ensured. The celebration was organized by Bangladesh Shishu Academy (BSA), members of Bangladesh ECD Network (BEN), Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE) and other international organizations like UNICEF, UNESCO, PLAN Bangladesh, Save the Children, Aga Khan Foundation to accelerate the support towards ECCE. Special thanks to the Ministries of Primary & Mass Education and Women & Children Affairs for their support and cooperation. Posters with GAW 2012 slogan were distributed country wide.

The details of the Big Picture event are available at 

In Dhaka, a policy round table was organized at BSA on 26 April and the BIG PICTURE, Puppet show and Local drama (Jatra) on 28 April, to highlight the importance of Safe, Healthy and Joyful Childhood. CAMPE in partnership with others involved in ECCE organized this event.

A short documentary based on this event Anondomoy Shoishob - Shishur Odhikar was broadcasted on May 7 on Desh TV at 6 pm.

Different theme songs on ECD developed by BSA, relevant messages and UNESCO DG’s message were aired throughout GAW week through two community radio in Rajshahi and Borguna (supported by UNESCO Dhaka).  

UNESCO Dhaka broadcasted radio programme on ECCE to raise awareness among the community through community radio in two districts in Bangladesh. Community radio programme on ECCE developed by UNICEF was continuously aired from 2 radio stations namely Lokobetar Community Radio and Radio Padma Community Radio (supported by UNESCO) throughout the Global Action Week. The radio programme focused on 6 thematic areas to raise awareness among the community. The themes were Importance of prenatal care, child development, importance of parent’s care in child development, definition of a child various child development areas (Physical, Mental, Psychological and Emotional) and importance of pre schooling.

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