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The national launching of the campaign took place on 8th May with the participation of 150 people (68 women), with the focus on the promotion of ECCE in Cambodia. His Excellency Nath Bunroen, from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) and other representatives of the Ministry at national, provincial and district levels from all 24 provinces, as well as other concerned government departments, development partners, and NGO representatives participated in the launch and also discussed to find out more about the updated policy and the implementation of early childhood care in Cambodia.  

The objectives of the launch were to:

  • Raise the awareness of ECCE widely  
  • Share the best practice and achievements of ECCE
  • Strengthen a collaboration of NGOs and the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (MoEYS) in order to reach the strategic goals in ECCE National Policy.  

During the afternoon of the same day, an exhibition was organized at a public place called Wat Botom, in which the work that many NGOs do in the field of ECCE was displayed and different activities were organized for children. This exhibition was an opportunity for all agencies working in the area of ECCE to come together and advocate about the theme to the wider community.

At the provincial level, some NGO Education Partnerships (NEP) members organized some awareness raising activities focused on parents and communities. Community meetings were organized in order to raise awareness on the importance of ECCD among participants. During the meetings, all the main stakeholders got an opportunity to perform or express their interests relevant to the topic. For example, children were involved in dancing, singing, and games; parents and child caregivers expressed their commitment to improve Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) and share some good experiences; local authorities, commune council’s representatives and school directors expressed their ECCD action plans, as well as their commitment to the issue.In addition, the messages and requests from participants of the events were submitted to the Provincial Offices of Education and to the Commune Councils of Women and Children. The ECCD calendar, developed earlier in the year, was also distributed to the participants.

In addition to these events, radio and TV talk shows took place during the month of the GAW with the participation of national specialists on early childhood to continue with the awareness activities for the public.

UNESCO Phnom Penh office has also developed two videos. One for the GAW launch (which will be uploaded on the website once subtitled in English). And a second video is made with the aim to show it in the communities around the country, with informative purposes on early childhood care and education issues such as health, nutrition, schooling, etc.

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