10 reasons to invest in ECCE


1. ECCE is a right, recognized by the Convention on the Rights of the Child ratified by 194 countries.

2. ECCE is crucial for nurturing healthy, strong bodies and minds and optimal wiring and functioning of the brain. The brain develops most rapidly in the earliest years of life.

3. ECCE can help create the defenses of peace in the minds of young children, and encourage values important for living together and sustainable development.

4. ECCE has a beneficial effect on school preparedness and later learning, and leads to higher school enrolment, particularly for girls.

5. ECCE is cost-effective in that it serves as preventive measures, saving cost for later compensation and remedial interventions.

6. ECCE provides child care essential for supporting working parents and enabling older siblings’ schooling.

7. ECCE yields higher investment returns than in any other levels of education. It benefits taxpayers and enhances economic vitality and productivity.

8. ECCE levels the playing field by compensating for disadvantages in the family and reducing inequalities between rich and poor. It is thus a key component to breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty.

9. ECCE is fundamental and a foundational step to achieving other EFA goals and Millennium Development Goals

10. ECCE can lay the foundation for a transformative society leading to the realization of gender equality.

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